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NuVinAir ReStore


Replace outdated, unsafe odor-elimination chemicals and Ozone machines with our ground-breaking, patented odor-elimination process.

The NuVinAir Cyclone is the patented product delivery system that utilizes Autonomous Cleaning™ Technology to deliver our ReStore and ReFresh treatments safely and quickly. Simple to operate, it’s portable, reusable, and fits into the cupholder of any vehicle.

Powered by Autonomous Cleaning™ Technology, the NuVinAir Cyclone helps our automotive partners achieve the pinnacle of cleaning performance. We provide them with the safest, fastest, and most effective way to provide their customers with healthy, clean vehicle interiors.

  • The Cyclone is NuVinAir’s patented odor elimination delivery device
  • Used to deliver our ReStore & ReFresh treatments safely, quickly, and efficiently.
  • ReStore effectively treats the vehicle to eliminate odor, including smoke and cannabis, returning the interior to like-new condition in minutes
  • ReFresh is used to seasonally refresh your fleet, treat aged inventory, or freshen the vehicle’s interior quickly
  • Reaches places sprays and wipes alone can’t
  • Replaces outdated and unsafe Ozone machines
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic

Suggested Use for NuVinAir ReFresh:
Use with NuVinAir ReFresh for the fastest way to freshen a vehicle’s interior.

Available In:
Boxes of 100 or 25 Individually Wrapped Treatments

Suggested Use for NuVinAir ReStore:
Use with NuVinAir ReStore to eliminate extreme odor and reset the vehicle to a like-new condition.

Available In:
Boxes of 50 or 10 Individually Wrapped Treatments